Getting lost on the way to school

GETTING LOST IS FRUSTRATING, BUT SUCH A GOOD THING Relatively recently we moved to a new area.  It was full steam ahead when we arrived here.  Registering our kids for school, uniforms, school books the hoops you jump through when purchasing a house, and all the other ‘to-do’s’ that go with a transatlantic move. COMFORT […]

Parents biggest mastake

CHANNEL INTRODUCTION  What are the common mistakes parents make when helping their children with mathematics? IN THIS VIDEO I DISCUSS: Why speaking about your math horror stories, or how you felt about math in school is giving your child permission to give up, before they start. Why showing them the algorithm is robbing them of […]

Keep academic doors open with mathematics

CHANNEL INTRODUCTION  Why should you as a parent encourage your child to be as good at mathematics and stream onto the Algebra track as quickly as possible? IN THIS VIDEO I DISCUSS: How we tend to label our children and the affect this can have. Being good at math is not about pursuing a S.T.E.M […]