A fun, yet challenging book that helps math students at the upper elementary and middle school level, retain critical reading and basic math skills. It has an entertaining cartoon style delivery of math dissection puzzles, questions and riddles that promote the process of thinking mathematically. A perfect book to have in the car for long trips – many of the questions in this book can be solved with different methods, so younger children can approach with logic while older students may well take an algebra approach.

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A self-teaching book for the proactive student, or the perfect aid for parents helping their child understand Roman Numerals. This book offers everything you need to master these ancient numbers. Material is presented in small sections; with an explanation, accompanied by examples. You then have the opportunity to attempt a number of examples, all of which have fully worked solutions to compare your work to. When comfortable in the knowledge you know the material, there is an end of section set of questions to complete. Once a section is understood, you then move to the next, until the book is complete and you have a full understanding of Roman Numerals. Purchase this on Amazon or get immediate access in the Math Momentum Academy.
"The mnemonic used to remember the Roman numerals values is clever. Niamh Juhl has a very clear way of explaining Roman numerals and has made my job much easier when teaching it to my sons."