Getting lost on the way to school

GETTING LOST IS FRUSTRATING, BUT SUCH A GOOD THING Relatively recently we moved to a new area.  It was full steam ahead when we arrived here.  Registering our kids for school, uniforms, school books the hoops you jump through when purchasing a house, and all the other ‘to-do’s’ that go with a transatlantic move. COMFORT […]

Math Camps don’t help summer math loss

CHANNEL INTRODUCTION  In this video I discuss why math camps and S.T.E.M. camps during the summer do not help with Summer Math Loss IN THIS VIDEO I DISCUSS: What the benefits of these camps are. What Summer Math Loss is. Why these Camps just can’t help with Summer Math Loss. Hightlight!  It’s a tweetable! “SUMMER […]

Launch your math success journey

CHANNEL INTRODUCTION  How do you launch your math sessions at home, once you have designed the journey and ensured that they are going to be enjoyable. IN THIS VIDEO I DISCUSS: Putting some consideration into the location of your math sessions will save a lot of potential distractions and grief. Do you have all the […]

Enjoy your math journey to success

CHANNEL ENSURE YOUR CHILD ENJOYS YOUR MATH HELP Once you have designed the math journey you intend to offer your child, you need to ensure that this journey will be enjoyable for both you and your child. IN THIS VIDEO I DISCUSS: Use crafting projects Use Maker Projects Use Sports Use Outdoor Activities To show […]

Design the perfect math journey for your child

CHANNEL DESIGN THE PERFECT MATH JOURNEY FOR YOUR CHILD When you decide to offer help to your child, know that it is a journey, and shouldn’t be a constant ‘putting out fires’ scenario.  If you have found yourself in the situation of regular ‘reactionary help’ then it’s time to start looking at the bigger picture. […]